Khatu Shyam Ji Temple Darshan Timings [Open & Close Time]

Khatu Shyam Ji Temple Darshan Timings [Open & Close Time]

In Rajasthan, the famous temple of Khatu Shyam Ji is a well-known Hindu temple. Every day thousands of devotees visit this temple to worship the Khatu Shyam Baba. This temple is located just 80 km from Jaipur near Sikar. As you know, the winter holidays are coming, and devotees visit the बाबा खाटू श्याम मंदिर. All the devotees can visit the Khatu Shyam Ji Temple for Darshan between 5:30 to 21:00 in winter and in summer from 4:30 to 22:00. Let’s check out the full information about darshan timings along with temple opening and closing times.

Khatu Shyam Ji Temple Darshan Timings

According to the Mahabharat story, Khatushyam is an indication of the “Barbarik”, the son of Ghatotkacha (Son of Bhima) and Princess Maurvi, daughter of Daitya Moora. In India, most Hindu devotees only chant “Jai Khatushyam Baba ji”. The Khatu Shyam Temple is now famous in Rajasthan and Haryana. This temple is located in the village that name is Khatu and Khatu village is in the Sikar district of Rajasthan. Now all the Hindu devotees visit the Khatu Shyam temple for the Darshan of बाबा खाटू श्याम. Mainly devotees of Krishna Bhagwan ji gave huge importance to Khatu Shyam Baba.

Because Lord Krishna gave a blessing to Barbarik, that’s everyone knows their name “Khatu Shyam Ji” and the boon of Krishna ji still worshipped in Kalyuga. The Temple has a huge rush, especially on Khatu Shyam Ji’s birthday. So the Kartik Sub Ekadashi main birthday of Khatu shyam baba ji. You can visit the Khatu Shyam Ji Temple for the Darshan/ Pooja. The Details regarding the Khatu Shyam Ji Mandir Darshan Timings, Aarti Timings, Opening, and closing hours are provided below.

बाबा खाटू श्याम मंदिर Darshan Timings [Open & Close Time]

Many devotees want to visit the Khatu Shyam Ji temple but don’t know the time for the Mandir Opening and closing Darshan. In this section, you can check out the open and close times for the winter and Summer seasons:-

Summer Winter
Morning 4.30 to Afternoon 12.30 Morning 5.30 to Afternoon 13.00
Evening 16.00 to Night 22.00 Evening 17.00 to Night 21.00

Khatu Shyam Ji Temple Open & Close Timing During Special Days

If you are planning to visit the Khatu Shya Ji temple on the Timings During Special Days. The timing of Darshan on the festival might change every year. Well, you can check out the Timings During Special Days in the below table:-

Shukla Paksha Ekadashi Open for 24 Hours.
Phalgun Mela Open throughout the 4 days.

NOTE:- The Khatu Shyam ji Temple will be open 24 hours on every Gyaras (Ekadashi), Baras (Dwadashi), Saturday, Sunday, and all Public Holidays.

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