Palani Temple Timings, Online Booking for Special Darshan, Tickets Price

Palani Temple Timings, Online Booking for Special Darshan, Tickets Price

Palani is the most important temple to be listed in the Six abodes of Murugan. The Palani temple is also known as “Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple” located in Palani Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu, India. Thousand of devotees visit this temple with their faith and beliefs. There is a system for devotees who want to book tickets for Special Darshan and Puja. This temple is mentioned as Thiruaavinankudi in the old Sangam literature. It has had religious importance for decades. The temple has a beautiful architectural design. The famous religious practice at this temple is Abhishekam. Here know more about Palani Temple Online Booking for Special Darshan along with the Pooja Timings and ticket prices through this post below.

Palani Temple Timings

Let us tell you that “Palani Temple” opens in the early morning at 5:45 AM and closes at 1:oo PM. Then it reopens from 1:30 PM to 9:00 PM. You can choose timings that suit your visit. Vising during a festival can be crowded but feels good.

Morning 05:45 AM IST 01:00 PM IST
Evening 01:00 PM IST 09:00 PM IST

History and Beliefs About Palani Temple Tamil Nadu

A popular and Hindu legendary belief is, that there is a Sage Narada who visited the celestial court of God Shiva. God Shiva and Parvati are sitting on Mount Kailash. Sage Narada presents a fruit of Knowledge named Gnana-Palam. Lord Shiva has two sons Lord Ganesha and Lord Murugan. Lord Shiva gives the challenge of encircleing the world thrice. Whoever is did first get this fruit. Murugan started encircling the world thrice but Lord Ganesha encircled his parents.

Lord Ganesha said that the world is no more than his parents and he won the fruit. Murugan feels bad and thinks to be mature. He chooses to remain as a hermit in Palani. Sage Bogar created the Murugan idol. Now we can see this idol as “Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple”.

Puja Timings at Palani – Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple

There are six pujas are performed in the Palani Temple between 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Special Pujas are conducted on festival days from 4:30 AM. You will be given a winch and rope car service to reach the temple.

Pooja Name Pooja Timings (Opening) Closing
Villa pooja (Sadhu Sanniyasi Alangaram) 06.40 AM  07.15 AM IST
Sirukala Shanti Pooja (Vedar Alankaram) 08.00 AM o 08.30 AM IST
Kalasandhi pooja (Balasubramaniar Alangaram) 09.00 AM o 09.30 AM IST
Uchikala Pooja (Vaitheekal Alangaram) 12.00 PM o 12.45 PM IST
Sayaraksha Pooja (Evening) (Raja Alangaram) 05.30 PM o 06.15 PM IST
Rakala Pooja (Pushpa Alankaram) 08.30 PM o 09.00 PM IST

Procedure for Palani Temple Online Booking

Now you have to follow simple steps to book your spiritual journey with your friends and family at Palani Temple;

  1. In the first place, you have to visit the website portal of Palani Temple.
  2. Or directly click this link =>
  3. On the web homepage, click on the Online Service tab and press on the “Ticket Booking” option.
  4. Now log in with your Email ID and phone number.
  5. Select the date of the visit and the timings of the darshan.
  6. Add family members and their details.
  7. Upload documents and payment options will be visible.
  8. Now click on the payment amount and pay it.
  9. Ticket confirmation will be sent to your email ID.

Palani Ticket Price & Fee Structure

Details Pooja Timings Pooja Amount (₹)
Normal Days Special Days Normal Days Special Days Other
Rs. Rs. Rs.
1. Free Entrance 6 AM-7.30 PM 4 AM-Midnight
2. Special Entrance 6 AM onwards 4 AM onwards 10 20
3. Separate Special Entrance 6 AM onwards 4 AM onwards 100 200
4 Vishvaruba Dharsana 5.40 AM 4 AM 100 200
5. Vila Pooja 6.50AM 4.30AM 150 300
6. Sirukalasanthi 8AM 8AM 150 300
7. Kalasanthi 9AM 9AM 150 300
8. Uchikalam 12PM 12PM 150 300
9. Sayaratchai (Raja Alankaram) 5.30PM 5.30PM 150 300
10 Rakkalam 8 PM 150 300
11. Milk Abhisekam 7.30AM 4.30PM 25 25
12 Panjamirutham Abhisekam (Fees Only ) 7.30 A.M 4.30 P.M 25 25
13. Ashthotiram Archanai 7.30 A.M 7.30 P.M 5 5
14. Shagashranamam 7.30 A.M 7.30 P.M 10 10
at Thiruaavinankudi
15. Bhogar Ashthotiram 7.30 A.M 7.30 P.M 0.50 0.50
16. Thirthakavadi 7.30 A.M 7.30 P.M 20 20
17. Thookukavadi 10 10
18. Kadhu Kuthu (Ear boring) including goldsmith 2 2
19. Palliarai Theepandham per head 8.30 P.M 100 100
20. Palliarai Vensamaram per head 8.30 P.M 50 50
21. All Abhisekam 75 75
22. Thanga rodham swami purapadu (Golden Chariot) 7 P.M 7 P.M 2000 2000
23. Thangamayil Vaganathil swami Purapadu (Golden Peacock) 6.30 P.M 6.30 P.M 1000 1000
24. Puthu kanaka 200 200
(3 books only)
25. Panjamirutham Abishega (Fees only ) 25 25
26. Thulabaram-offering swami kanikai 10 10
27 Electrical winch ordinary Adults to Hill Temple Children to Hill Temple Adults down trip 10 10
Children down trip 5 5
10 10
5 5
28. Electrical winch Special Adults to Hill Temple Children to Hill Temple Adults down trip 50 50 25 25 50 50 25 25
Children down trip
29 Amuthu giving fees 75 75
(Receive 1/2Kg Panchamirtham as a gift )

Temple Contact Details

  • Shri Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple
  • Address: 315 Head Office, North Giri Street, Palani, Dindigul 624601.
  • Telephone Number: 04545241293
  • Email ID: [email protected]

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