Mantralayam Temple Darshan, Seva

Mantralayam Temple Darshan, Seva, Prasadam, Pooja Timings, Tickets

Swamy Guru Raghavendra Swamy was a saint and follower of Lord Vishnu. Mantralayam Temple is dedicated to Swamy Guru Raghavendra Swamy. He was living in the 16th century. He left his entire family wife and son in the desire of God. He was mediate for 12 years and Hanuman Ji appeared to him. The place where Hanuman ji appeared is presently known as Panchmukhi. He used to teach the Vaishnava Cult, Dvaita philosophy, and preaching of Panchamukhi. Many devotees visit this temple with family for blessings. If your family is planning to visit this temple, then you should have some important information. We have discussed Mantralayam Temple Darshan, Seva, Prasadam, opening timings, closing timings, and Ticket Prices in this article below.

Mantralayam Temple Darshan

As we have the entire history of the temple. Swamu Guru Raghavendra Swamy was a family man with his wife and one son. He lived well with their family. But one day, his life was transformed and he decided to leave the house in search of God. This was an emotional moment. His wife came to see Mutt to see him last time. His wife died after she fell into an abandoned well.  His wife turned into a ghost. Saint could feel the presence of the ghost. Sanit sparkles the holy water to get rid of the cycle of birth and death. He meditated for 12 years and five-faced Hanuman gave his darshan. Swamy has done many miracles in their life.

Now thousands of devotees follow him and visit the SRC Matha Temple for the darshan. There is an official website called where you can get more detailed information. Here you can get different types of services like Daily Seva, Sankalp Seva, Life Time Seva, room booking, etc. You can check the upcoming event date and venue. Festivals celebrations are also the good part and you can celebrate festivals here. Devotees can access all online services from the official platform.

Mantralayam Temple Darshan Timings

This is the chart of darshan where the opening of the temple and closings are mentioned. You can visit the temple according to the timetable.

Day Darshan Session Timings
All Days Temple Opening Time 06:00
All Days Morning Darshan Timings 06:00 to 14:00
All Days Temple Break Timings 14:00 to 16:00
All Days Evening Darshan Timings 16:00 to 21:00
All Days Temple Closing Time 21:00

Note – Timings may change on the festival days or any special day.

 HH Sri Swamiji Mantralayam Temple Prasadam Timings

Day Prasadam Timing
All Days 13:00 to 15:00

Mantralayam Temple HH Sri Swami Ji Timings

Day Morning Timing Evening Timing
All Days 10:00 To 11:30 18:30 to 20:30

Mantralayam Temple Daily Seva Price

1. Dinaika Sampoorna Annadana Seva: दिनैक संपुरण् अन्न्दान सेवा |
Rs. 2,00,000/-
2. Dinaika Sampoorna Seva: दिनैक संपुरण् सेवा |
Rs. 1,00,000/-
3. Vastra Samarpana Seva (all Brindavans & H.H Swamiji)
Rs. 60,000/-
4. Vastra Samarpana Seva (Rayara Brindavana & H.H Swaniji)
Rs. 30,000/-
5. Navarathna Rathotsavam
Rs. 13,000/-
6. Bangaru Pallaki Seva
Rs. 9,000/-
7. Golden Chariot Seva: स्वर्ण रथोत्सवम् |
Rs. 7,000/-
8. Rajatha Gajavahana Seva
Rs. 5,000/-
9. Kanaka Kavacha Samarpana: कनककवच समर्पण सेवा
Rs. 4,000/-
10. Rajata Rathotsava: रजत रथोत्सव
Rs. 2,500/-
11. Rathotsava: रथोत्सव
Rs. 1,500/-
12. Kanaka Maha Pooja: कनक महा पूजा
13. Poorna Seva: पूर्णसेवा
Rs. 700/-
14. Sri Vayu Stuti Purashcharana (Madhu Abhisheka: Only on Saturday)
श्री वायुस्तुति पुरश्चरण मधु अभिशेक सहित (शहद् से अभिशेक: केवल शनिवार के दिन)
Rs. 550/-
15. Maha Pooja: महा पूजा
16. Unjal Seva: ऊंज्ल सेवा
Rs. 400/-
17. Sarva Seva: सर्व सेवा
Rs. 300/-
18. Utsavarayara Pada Pooja: उत्सव रायर पादपूजा
Rs. 250/-
19. Pala Panchamruta: पंचामृत
Rs. 200/-
20. Archana Sahitha Hastodaka: अर्चन
Rs. 100/-
21. Panchamruta: पंचामृत
Rs. 100/-
22. Ksheerabhisheka: क्षीराभिशेक
Rs. 70/-
23. Upanayanam: उपनयन (जनेऊ लगाना)
Rs. 1000/-
24. Ghruta Nanda Deepa: घ्रुत नंदादीप (घी से लगानेवाला दिया)
Rs. 500/-
25. Javala: जवल: (बच्चों के बालों को पहली बार कटवाना)
Rs. 500/-
26. Naga Pratishta: नाग प्रतिष्ठा
Rs. 500/-
27. Aksharabhyasam: अक्षराभ्यास (बच्चों को पेहली बार अक्षरों को सिखाना)
Rs. 250/-
28. Anna Prashanam: अन्नप्राशनम (बच्चों को पेहली बार खाना खिलाना)
Rs. 250/-
29. Kartika Deepotsava: कार्तिक दीपोत्सव
Rs. 200/-
30. Namakaranam: नामकरण
Rs. 500/-
31. Taila Nanda Deepa: तैल नांदादीप (तेल् से लगानेवाला दिया)
Rs. 300/-
32. Karnavedham: कर्णवेध (बच्चों के कानों मे पेहली बार छेद करना)
Rs. 200/-
33. Sri Satyanarayana Pooja: श्रीसत्यनारायण पूजा(SAMOOHIKA)
Rs. 100/-
34. Seva Sankalpa: सेव संकल्प
Rs. 30/-
35. Vahana Pooja
Rs. 50/-
36. Go-Graasa Seva
Rs. 1,000/-
37. GoPooja
Rs. 500/-
38. Godaana Seva
Rs. 10,000/-

Contact Details

  • Address – Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Mantralayam, Adoni (Dt), Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • Phone Number: +91-08512-279459
  • Email ID: [email protected]

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