Somnath Darshan Pass Booking Online, VIP Darshan Price, Pooja Rates

Somnath Darshan Pass Booking Online, VIP Darshan Price, Pooja Rates

In India, there are 12 Jyotirlings famous for the Hindu Devotee. From this Twelve Aadi Jyotirlingas “Shree Somnath” is the first and special Jyotirlingas in India. The Somnath Temple is located on the western coast of India. Every year this holy place is visited by the Lord Shiva Devotees. Now the Darshan of the Shree Somnath Jyotirlings is open for the pilgrimages. You can also book the Online Somnath Darshan Pass for the temple. The VIP Darshan facilities are also available for the devotee. In this article, you will read about the Somnath VIP Darhan Price, Pooja Rates, and Somnath Darshan Pass Booking Online on the official site

Somnath Darshan Pass Booking Online

As you know guys, during the COVID-19 pandemic most of the Indian temples have closed for the Darshan. The Government does not allow physical Darshan of any Temple or Holy Place. Similarly, the Somnath Temple has also shut down its doors for the Devotees as per COVID guidelines. As you know, the Somnath Temple is one of the prominent Shaiva Kshetra for the Pilgrims who wanted to have to Darshan Lord Shiva.

After the COVID-19, many pilgrims started again for the Darshan of Lord Shiva. From all over the world, the true devotee of Lord Shiva has visited the Somnath Temple. At this time, you can easily visit this beautiful holy place very easily. Because the Somnath Darshan Pass Booking Online is starting soon in October 2023. But you can directly visit this temple for the open Darshan, you can only face the rush during peak season or during special days.

Somnath Temple VIP Darshan Price

There is no matter which Temple you are going to visit, you are always facing the crowd and darshan in temples. In the Somnath Temple, various kinds of Darshan facilities are available for the Pilgrims who come to the Somnath Temple. So the interested devotees can also book the VIP Darshan in the Somnath Temple. With the help of VIP Darhan, devotees can do the very open and fast Darshan at the Temple. In order to book the VIP Darshan in the temple, you need to visit the temple before the darshan date and book for the VIP Darshan. The VIP Darshan Ticket Counter is available near the temple site. The ticket price is mentioned below:-

VIP Darshan Ticket Price Rs 500 per head

 Steps to Book Somnath Darshan Pass Online

Let’s see the very simple steps for Somnath Temple Darshan Passes Registration 2023 Booking. Kindly follow the given mentioned steps only:-

  1. Go to the official website of the Somnath Temple i.e.
  2. The homepage of the website will be open before you.
  3. On the homepage, you need to find the “Darshan Pass Booking” option.
  4. Remember one thing, you can only book the 5 members of the group for the Darshan.
  5. You need to provide all the mandatory to upload government-issued ID proof of primary member along with Name, Mobile Number, and Email address. The name, age, and gender of the rest of the members are required to be entered.
  6. After the successful darshan booking, you must have reached the location before 30 minutes starting from 7.30 AM in the morning. The last slot will be at 9.30 PM.
  7. Online Booking for the Somnath Darshan Pass 2023 is not available right now, you can simply visit the counter for offline booking for the same day near the help desk of the temple.

Somnath Temple Aarti and Pooja Timings

All the devotees who planning to visit this beautiful Somnath Temple can check the Pooja and Aarti Timing from the below table:-

Temple Timing Aarti Timing
Morning 6:00 AM (Opening) 7:00 AM.
Evening 9:30 PM (Closing) 7:00 PM.

Somnath Jyotirlinga Abhishek / Puja Price

There are multiple types of Puja and Abhishek offered in the Somnath Temple by the Devotees. This is your Admiration which pooja and Abhished you want to offer in the  Temple. The temple decided on various prices for all kinds of Pooja. So we have listed the Pooja Prices in the given mentioned tables:-

Puja/ Abhishek  Yearly (once) Rs  5 Yearly (5 times) Rs  Advance booking time period 
Aavartan 150 750 3 Days
Panchopchar Puja 150 750 3 Days
Brahmin Bhojan 150 750 3 Days
Maha Mrityunjay Jap (500) 150 750 3 Days
Ganga Jal Abhishek 200 1000 3 Days
Rudra Abhishek 200 1000 3 Days
Samput Maha Mrityunjay Jap (500) 200 1000 3 Days
Navgraha Jap (1000) 250 1250 3 Days
Maha Mrityunjay Jap (1000) 250 1250 3 Days
Shodshopachar Puja 300 1500 3 Days
Bilva Puja (101) 300 1500 3 Days
Samput Chandipath 350 1750 3 Days
Samput Maha Mrityunjay Jap (1000) 400 2000 3 Days
Santan Gopal Mantra Pooja 1100 5500 3 Days
Markandey Pooja (Birthday Poja) 1500 7500 3 Days
Sundar Kand Path 1500 7500 3 Days
Bilva Pooja (1008) 1500 7500 3 Days
Hanuman Chalisa 108 1500 7500 3 Days
Shiv Parivar Pujan 2100  — 3 Days
Rajbhog Thal 2100 10,500 3 Days
Deepmala 2100 10,500 3 Days
Laghurudra Abhishek 2100 10,500  —
Rajopachar Pooja 3100 15,500 3 Days
MahaPuja 3100 15,500 3 Days
Mahadugdh Abhishek 3100 15,500 3 Days
Shiv Puran Path 5500 27,500 3 Days
Kalsarpa Yog Nirvana Vidhi 5500  — 3 Days
Dashans hom 11,000  — 3 Days
Silk Dhvajarohan 11,000  — 3 Days
Maha Rudra Abhishek 15,000 75,000 3 Days
Savalaksha Maha Mrityunjay Jaap 37,500  — 3 Days
Savalaksha Samput Maha Mritunjay Jaap 50,000  — 3 Days
Homatmak Laghurudra Abhishek 41,000  — 10 Days
Homatmak Maha Rudra Abhishek 1,71,000  — 20 Days
Homatmak Atirudra 2,10,000  — 31 Days

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