Bikkavolu Subramanya Swamy Temple Darshan Timings, Pooja, Abhishekam

Bikkavolu Subramanya Swamy Temple Darshan Timings, Pooja, Abhishekam

Bikkavolu Subramanya Swamy Temple is one of the famous temples of Andhra Pradesh. This temple was built in the medieval period. People came here to perform special pujas. Thousand of devotees visit this temple monthly across India. This temple is famous for Lord Subramanya, who is the other name of Kartikeya, God of War. If you are willing to visit the బిక్కవోలు సుబ్రహ్మణ్య స్వామి దేవాలయం, then you will be able to learn about the Bikkavolu Subramanya Swamy Temple Darshan Timings, Pooja, Abhishekam in this article.

Bikkavolu Subramanya Swamy Temple Darshan

Subramanya Swamy Temple in Bikkavolu village was built during 849 – 892 Century AD by King Gunaga Vijayaditya III of Eastern Chalukya. This temple is located in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. This temple is well known for the Lord Subramanya Swamy, who is known as the Hindu God of War. Devotees especially came here for the Kala Sarpa Dosha and Naga Dosha Nivarana Pooja. This temple is 1121 years old and also fulfills the livingness of the Devotee.

People came to Subramanya Swamy Temple Bikkavolu to perform the worship of Lord Subramanya Swamy. The Devotees performed also various types of Puja to fulfill their wishes. This Puja is related to gaining power, money, and purification from sins. So, let’s check out more details about the Darshan Timings, Pooja, and Abhishekam through this post.

Bikkavolu Subramanya Swamy Temple Darshan Timings

Here we will share the Bikkavolu Subramanya Swamy Temple Darshan Timing. You can look at the below table for the Timing of Bikkavolu Subramanya Swamy Temple & Darshan.

Darshan Type  Timing Days
Morning Timings 6:00 am – 1:00 pm Monday- Saturday
Evening Timings 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Monday- Saturday
Abhishekam Timings 6:00 am – 11:00 am Monday- Saturday

Bikkavolu Subramanya Swamy Temple Pooja

At the Bikkavolu Subramanya Swamy Temple, devotees come here to perform the Pujas. People are Bikkavolu Subramanya is known for the various types of Puja like Panchamrutha Abhishekam, and Naga Dosha Pooja. Here, we will share some essential details about the Puja at Subramanyam Swamy Temple:-

  1. Panchamrutha Abhishekam is only performed to the deity every Tuesday
  2. During Subramanya Sasti, The five-day annual festival will be celebrated at Bikkavolu Subramanya Swamy Temple
  3. Naga Dosha Pooja will be performed on a special occasion.
  4. The special puja will be performed as per the booking. So, you have to book first for the special pujas at Bikkavolu Subramanya Swamy Temple.

Bikkavolu Subramanya Swamy Abhishekam

The Bikkavola Subramanya Swamy Abhishekam is one of the most performed puja at the temple. Every day hundreds of devotees perform the Abhishekam to Lord Subramanya Swamy. It is performed every day, so can participate every. Those people, who wish to present Abhishekam to Lord Subramanya Swamy at the Bikkavola Subramanya Swamy Temple, have to pre-book the Puja.

The Andra Pradesh Government launched a portal for the devotees of Andhra Pradesh to book online darshan at all the Temples in Andhra Pradesh. This portal is Andhra Pradesh Temple Then, you can visit this website and book your darshan along with Abhishekam for Bikkavola Subramanya Swamy. The benefits of the Abhisehkam Puja are mentioned below:-

  • It will Remove hurdles for Delayed marriage
  • Will be relieved from Sarpa Dosha
  • This puja will Remove hurdles for higher studies
  • It will Remove hurdles for pregnancy.

Subramanya Swamy Abhishekam Timing & Price

Timings 6:00 am – 11:00 am
Performing Days Daily
Ticket Cost Rs. 2000
No.Of persons allowed One family
Best Days for the Pooja Any Tuesday, Shasti Days
Pooja duration 1 hour – 1 hour 30 mins

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