Paryushan 2024 Start and End Date: Jain Samvatsari Day 2024, Daslakshan Parva

Paryushan 2024 Start and End Date: Jain Samvatsari Day 2024, Daslakshan Parva

In the Religion of Jainism “Paryushan festival” is the most prominent religious day for them. Because they believed that, its is destroyed all bad thinking and habits of mind. Even most of the people in Jain dharm will celebrate this festival and during that time people make a promise to remove all the bad thoughts from their minds. So, the Paryushan Festival is coming soon and everyone wants to check all the major dates of the festival. In this blog, we have shared all information regarding the Paryushan 2024 Start and End Date along with the Jain Samvatsari Day, Daslakshan Parva, and Festival List. Keep on reading this post ahead.

About Paryushan 2o24

In this section, you can check out the answer to the “What is Paryushan Festival?”. Well, in India and around the world, this Jain Festival is known in the form of “king of festivals.” for all the people who follow the Jain religion. Paryushan Mahaparva 2024, the grand celebration of Digambar Jain society (दिगंबर जैन समाज), will commence on Saturday, August 31, 2024, and continue until Saturday, September 7, 2024.

Digambar Jain community members also celebrate Daslakshan festival (दशलक्षण पर्व) in connective with Paryushan parv (पयुर्षण पर्व). The celebration of Chaturmas (चातुर्मास) is regarded as a higher occasion. This celebration gives the impression of a ten-religion garland. This ten-day celebration, also known as Das Lakshan Parv, is named such because every attempt is made to incorporate a religious component into daily life. Here check the Start and End Date of Paryushan 2024 including the Jain Samvatsari Day and Daslakshan Parva details through this article below.

Paryushan 2024 Start and End Date – Overview

Article Topic
  • Paryushan 2024 Start and End Date
  • Jain Samvatsari Day 2024, Daslakshan Parva
Festival Name Paryushan Parv 2024
Paryushan Parv meaning Abiding and Coming Together
Starting Date 31st August 2024
End Date 7th September 2024
Samvatsari 2024 8th September 2024
Religion Jainism
Main Quotes Michhami Dukkadam

Important Dates for Paryushan 2024

The Paryushan Parv of the Jain Religion is celebrated over 8 days and each day has a different recognition. In this section, we have listed all dates of the Paryushan Festival, and each date and what people do on that day also mentioned:-

  • 31st August 2024: On this day, the lord’s body composition happens.
  • 1 September 2024: The Varghoda will be removed from Potha ji.
  • 2 September 2024: Kalpasutra Pravachan.
  • 3 September 2024: Mahavira Swami’s birthday celebration.
  • 4 September 2024: Prabhu’s school program.
  • 5 September 2024: Reading day of Kalpasutra.
  • 6 September 2024: Barsa Sutra Darshans, a discussion on Chaitya traditions, Samvatsari Pratikramans, etc. will be held.
  • 7 September 2024: Involve repentance for the entire year’s sins.
  • 8 September 2024: Samvatsari Day Celebration (Samvatsari 2024 Date).

Paryushan Dates for 2025 to 2035 Years

If you are curious to know about to check out the upcoming 10-year Paryushan Dates of Jain Religion then check out the given mentioned list only:-

Paryushan Dates Years Name
31/08/2024 to 07/09/2024 2024 Paryushan
20/08/2025 to 27/08/2025 2025 Paryushan
07/09/2026 to 14/09/2026 2026 Paryushan
28/08/2027 to 04/09/2027 2027 Paryushan
16/08/2028 to 23/08/2028 2028 Paryushan
04/09/2029 to 11/09/2029 2029 Paryushan
25/08/2030 to 01/09/2030 2030 Paryushan
13/09/2031 to 20/09/2031 2031 Paryushan
02/09/2032 to 09/09/2032 2032 Paryushan
22/08/2033 to 29/08/2033 2033 Paryushan
09/09/2034 to 16/09/2034 2034 Paryushan
29/08/2035 to 05/09/2035 2035 Paryushan

Jain Samvatsari Day 2024

On the last day of the Paryushan Parv is “Jain Samvatsari” which is considered to be the most important day. Jain Samvatsari  Day is the holiest festival of the Shwetambara sect of Jainism. Basically, on this day, people of the Jain religion beg forgiveness from all living beings for faults they have made, whether deliberately or unknowingly. This year, Jain Samvatsari 2024 is celebrated on the 08, of September,2024.

Jain Festival and Holidays List 2024

Here you can check out all the festival names and Holidays in the year 2024. Let’s check out the month-wise Jain Holiday & festivals:-

Jain Holidays 2024: January

Date Fasting and Festivals
21 January 2024, Sunday Rohini Fast
Jain Holidays 2024: February
8 February 2024, Thursday Meru Trayodashi
18 February 2024, Sunday Rohini Fast
Jain Holidays 2024: March
16 March 2024, Saturday Rohini Fast
16 March 2024, Saturday Falgun Ashtahnika Vidhan Start
24 March 2024, Sunday Falgun Chaumasi Chaudas
25 March 2024, Monday Falgun Ashtahnika Vidhan Complete
Jain Holidays 2024: April
02 April 2024, Tuesday Yearly Penance Begins
12 April 2024, Friday Rohini Fast
15 April 2024, Monday Chaitra Navapad OliBegins
21 April 2024, Sunday Mahavir Jayanti
23 April 2024, Tuesday Chaitra Navpad Oli Full
Jain Holidays 2024: May
10 May 2024, Friday Rohini Fast
10 May 2024, Friday Varshi Tap Parana
18 May 2024, Saturday Mahavir Swami Kaivalya Gyan
Jain Holidays 2024: June
6 June 2024, Thursday Rohini Fast
Jain Holidays 2024: July
3 July 2024, Wednesday Rohini Fast
13 July 2024, Saturday Ashada Ashtahnika Vidhan Start
20 July 2024, Saturday Ashada Chaumasi Chaudas
21 July 2024, Sunday Ashada Ashtahnika Vidhan Complete
31 July 2024, Wednesday Rohini Fast
Jain Holidays 2024: August
27 August 2024, Tuesday Rohini Fast
31 August 2024, Saturday Paryushan Festivals Begins
Jain Holidays 2024: September
08 September 2024, Sunday Anniversary Festival
23 September 2024, Monday Rohini Fast
Jain Holidays 2024: October
10 October 2024, Thursday Ashwin Navpad Oli Start
17 October 2024, Thursday Ashwin Navpad Oli Full
21 October 2024, Monday Rohini Fast
Jain Holidays 2024: November
01 November 2024, Friday Lakshmi Puja
02 November 2024, Saturday Gujarati New Year
06 November 2024, Wednesday Labh Panchami
08 November 2024, Friday Kartik Ashtahnika Vidhan Begins
14 November 2024, Thursday Kartik Chaumasi Chaudas
15 November 2024, Friday Kartik Ashtahnika Vidhan Complete
15 November 2024, Friday Kartik Rath Yatra
17 November 2024, Sunday Rohini Fast
Jain Holidays 2024: December
14 December 2024, Saturday Rohini Fast

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