Aaj Ka Choghadiya - Shubh Choghadiya Today Date and Muhurat Time

Aaj Ka Choghadiya 2024: Shubh Choghadiya Today Date and Muhurat Time

Aaj Ka Choghadiya 2024 can be calculated from here. In Hinduism, a Vedic calendar is followed to find the perfect Muhurat to start work but sometimes, we are in a hurry and need to leave or start work immediately. So Choghadiya is an option that is a form of Vedic Calendar. Followers of Hindu Dharm find Choghadiya timing to start their work. Now they can see each day’s Shubh Choghadiya Today Date and Muhurat Time from this article below. Follow this post further to know Aaj Ka Choghadiya 04 January 2024.

Aaj Ka Choghadiya 2024

Choghadiya is divided into two parts, you can see the timings of Day and night to start your work. There are several Muhurat such as Shubh, Amrit, Kaal, Labh, etc and these all are mentioned with their timings. As per the astrology in Hinduism, it is the best time to start their work or traveling. It has a special place in astrology and is followed by many people. We will check out how we can calculate Aaj Ka Choghadiya along with Shubh Choghadiya Date and Muhurat Time, the importance of Choghadiya and its utility.

Shubh Choghadiya Today Date and Muhurat Time

Timings and Muhurat are different as per their location. If you are living in Delhi then the timings will be different in Ujjain or another city. So, you have to choose your city and select a date to view the exact Choghadiya. We have mentioned New Delhi and Ujjain Choghadiya Timings.

दिन चौघड़िया Ujjain – 3 January 2024

मुहूर्त समय
लाभ 06:52:009 AM – 08:11:13 AM
अमृत 08:11:13 AM – 09:30:18 AM
काल 09:30:18 AM – 10:49:23 AM
शुभ 10:49:23 AM – 12:08:28 PM
रोग 12:08:28 PM – 01:27:33 PM
उद्वेग 01:27:33 PM – 02:46:38 PM
चर 02:46:38 PM – 04:05:43 PM
लाभ 04:05:43 PM – 05:24:47 PM

रात चौघड़िया Ujjain 3 January 2024

मुहूर्त समय
उद्वेग 05:24:47 PM – 07:05:43 PM
शुभ 07:05:43 PM – 08:46:38 PM
अमृत 08:46:38 PM – 10:27:33 PM
चर 10:27:33 PM – 12:08:28 AM, 04 जनवरी
रोग 12:08:28 AM – 01:49:23 AM, 04 जनवरी
काल 01:49:23 AM – 03:30:18 AM, 04 जनवरी
लाभ 03:30:18 AM – 05:11:13 AM, 04 जनवरी
उद्वेग 05:11:13 AM – 06:52:009 AM, 04 जनवरी

दिन चौघड़िया New Delhi 4 January 2024

मुहूर्त समय
शुभ 07:14:14 AM – 08:32:002 AM
रोग 08:32:002 AM – 09:49:49 AM
उद्वेग 09:49:49 AM – 11:07:36 AM
चर 11:07:36 AM – 12:25:23 PM
लाभ 12:25:23 PM – 01:43:11 PM
अमृत 01:43:11 PM – 03:00:58 PM
काल 03:00:58 PM – 04:18:45 PM
शुभ 04:18:45 PM – 05:36:33 PM

रात चौघड़िया New Delhi 4 January 2024

मुहूर्त समय
अमृत 05:36:33 PM – 07:18:45 PM
चर 07:18:45 PM – 09:00:58 PM
रोग 09:00:58 PM – 10:43:11 PM
काल 10:43:11 PM – 12:25:23 AM, 05 जनवरी
लाभ 12:25:23 AM – 02:07:36 AM, 05 जनवरी
उद्वेग 02:07:36 AM – 03:49:49 AM, 05 जनवरी
शुभ 03:49:49 AM – 05:32:002 AM, 05 जनवरी
अमृत 05:32:002 AM – 07:14:14 AM, 05 जनवरी

What is Choghadiya?

Choghadiya is like a calender based on astronomical position. It gives us timings and Muhurat of 24 hours or a single day calculation. Auspicous and inauspicious timings are calculated that is based on position of planets. People use this to start their work so that they can easily done work such as traveling, marriage ceremonies, worship, festival celebration, etc. You can check it in the teble to understant better.

Method of calculation of Choghadiya

Day and Night are a part of Choghadiya calculations. Sunrise to sunset is a day and sunset to sunrise is night. These two parts are divided into 8 equal parts. Each four of these eight divisions is equal to one clock and this division of time is called Choghadiya.

Importance of Choghadiya

Choghadiya is an integral part of the Hindu Vedic calender cum Panchang. It helps to choose the right time to start new work. It can be good or bad depending on the date and time. Choghaadiya is most used in western India. It is an ancient method of measuring time calculations. In South India, it is known as Gowri Panchang.

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